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 Hufflepuff Students

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PostSubject: Hufflepuff Students   Hufflepuff Students Icon_minitimeMon Jan 30, 2012 3:30 am

just so teacher and student-apps won't get mixed up
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PostSubject: Re: Hufflepuff Students   Hufflepuff Students Icon_minitimeThu Feb 02, 2012 11:57 am

Name: Delfina Rossi
Nickname: Deli
Age: 12
Birthday: June 18th
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Blood Status: Halfblood
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5'1
Weight: 107 lb

Physical Description: Medium-length auburn hair that is thick enough to provide noticeable volume; also has straight-cut bangs and curls at the ends. Has medium-brown eyes and a lighter, but not outright pale, complexion. Relatively flat-chested, coupled with a small-boned body structure. Has small feet for her age group.
Prefers fashionable, casual clothing for both indoor and outdoor situations when not in uniform. Rarely wears accessories; never wears makeup. Has a collection of colorful socks to wear when she doesn't have to go out in public.

Personality: Impatient and often bratty. Deli is obsessed with having aspects to be proud about. This gives her a consistent determination to "be the best" in as many fields as possible (please note that she is not always successful in this endeavor). She is also highly competitive due to her love of winning ("if you win, then you're the best. OBVIOUSLY."). She is easily annoyed and often takes things too seriously. Her competitiveness and short temper take the back seat though when it comes to a matter of breaking a rule or law. She's overly-cautious, to the point of being a coward, and will always be against taking risks that are questionable in legality. Aside from this, Deli has a good sense of justice to know what is right and wrong. She'll help someone if they need and deserve it. She is also prone to fawning over cute things.

Bio: Deli comes from a large, long-time standing Italian family that immigrated to the USA in the early 1900's. Specifically, they took up residence in New York City (where Deli's immediate family lives today, in a nice rowhouse in Brooklyn). Deli belongs to a branch of the family with a few generations of wizarding blood. She herself is a halfblood, with her father and mother being a halfblood and muggleborn respectively. This leads to interesting holiday dinners/reunions with the rest of their many (muggle) family relatives, in which the secret that witchcraft and wizardry exist must be kept hidden and incidents involving fussy halfblood infants who can't control their inner magic must be covered up well. Somthing terrible always happens to the Christmas yule log cake each year. Deli has been raised mostly in accordance to a muggle lifestyle and has two siblings, an older brother who works as a healer at St. Mungo's and a much younger brother who has the exclusive full-time job of being a pain in the neck. She is very enthusiastic (and proud) to be a student at Hogwarts.
The reason behind why Deli does not attend Salem Witches' Institute in America instead is due to her parents' different educational backgrounds. While her father attended a wizarding school in America, Deli's mother was born and raised in England and thus attended Hogwarts in her youth. Deli in turn received two separate acceptance letters the summer before her first year, each explaining that she could choose to attend one school or the other. In order to grow in a co-ed setting, Deli's parents encouraged her to pick Hogwarts over the Witches' Institute. After two replying letters later, each explaining that Delfina had chosen to attend Hogwarts, Deli was on track to go to Hogwarts.

House: Hufflepuff
Year: 2nd
History at Hogwarts:
1st Year- First thing's first: make a good impression on the professors. Deli spent most of the school year being a hard-working student and not so much socializing. She at least became acquainted with a fair number of her Hufflepuff peers, though (by trying to show off her knowledge of American muggle culture and trends to others, but seriously what does an 11 year old know). Deli is also determined to have Hufflepuff be the best and win the house cup each year, seeing as how it's HER house.
Current/2nd Year- While maintaining good grades is always important, Deli knows the only way to buff up her "cool resume" is by having some awesome extracurriculars. Even though Deli will take a look into every club offered at Hogwarts (with results most likely varying from bad to worse), she's really got her sights set on being a member of Hufflepuff's Quidditch team ("the best people are winners!").

-Has an 11" wand made of Holly with a Unicorn tail hair in the core.
-Deli wanted a rad cat for a school pet. The parents said no; an owl's much more practical. Deli consented on the one condition that she could get a bald eagle in lieu of an owl. The parents said no; that's a stupid idea and having an owl in the backyard during holiday breaks is certainly less noticeable than an eagle. Deli thus ended up with a Barking Owl (of a brown and white coloration). He's rad enough though and received the name from Deli "Millennium Falcon", or "Miller" for short.
-Has all necessary clothes and books for school (that's pretty important, right?)

Family List:
Adrian Rossi (Father; halfblood)
Linda Kinlan Rossi (Mother; muggleborn)
Paulo Rossi (Grandfather; halfblood)
Giada Rossi (Grandmother; halfblood)
Wilfred Kinlan (Grandfather; muggle)
Veronica Kinlan (Grandmother; muggle)
Antonio Rossi (Older brother [age 25]; halfblood)
Milo Rossi (Younger brother [age 6]; halfblood)
Regina Rossi (Aunt; halfblood)
Olivia Rossi Kron (Aunt; halfblood)
Peter Kron (Uncle; muggle)
Eric Kron (Cousin [age 4]; halfblood)
Laurence Kron (Cousin [age 1]; halfblood)

Friend List:
Aria Hunt
Dante Hunt
Alex Bryne
Vince Dean
Lizzy Miller
Freya Williams

-Is ambidextrous but prefers the right hand.
-Is against swearing ("ooo you just said a bad word o:").
-Favorite subjects are Charms and Transfiguration.
-Goes home during Winter holidays (I'm assuming EVERYONE goes home for Summer break).
-Does not have a specific career in mind yet, but it will certainly be an occupation related to the world of magic.
-Should Deli ever learn how to summon a Patronus, hers will be in the form of a pangolin.
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Hufflepuff Students
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