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 Midwinter shopping

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Midwinter shopping Empty
PostSubject: Midwinter shopping   Midwinter shopping Icon_minitimeSat Jan 28, 2012 6:55 am

Even with a Winter Ball around the corner Christmas is still a holiday for family, and so Freya was hardly the only one who had taken the few days between the ball and the start of a new term to go home this winter. And today her grandmother had dragged her down to Diagon Alley to run errands, as her dad was away again and her grandfather could use a few hours of free time.

But just staring at shelves of books and parchment was hardly something that could entertain someone like this young Gryffindor, so while her grandmother took her good time looking over the book-sale she had wandered off on her own and ended up buying icecream. As long as one could sit inside and eat it there was no harm in it! And from here she could watch the street full of people without having to be a part of the crowd!
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Midwinter shopping
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