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 As They Soar By

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PostSubject: As They Soar By   As They Soar By Icon_minitimeThu Jan 26, 2012 3:11 pm

With nothing better to du during the afternoon, just waiting for dinner to start, Freya had made her way outside to test a new spell. It might not be useful, but one could just have fun every once in a while, right? So sitting on her cloak on a stone-bench she slowly repeated the spell to herself, watching soap-bubbles soar out from the tip of her wand. Then they flew around and about for a bit before eventually break as they hit the snow or some wall. Only a few made it out over the school-grounds and towards the lake, or went with some small wind and soared up towards the school. The young Gryffindor couldn’t help but to chuckle at what the students who saw the soar by would think (honestly, what kind of an idiot would go out in this cold just to blow soapbubbles?)
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As They Soar By
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